Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager


AtoB is fixing the payments infrastructure for the trucking and logistics industry. We have a strong product market fit with our flagship product, a first-of-its-kind fuel card, and have an ambitious roadmap comprising a holistic suite of payments tools.

Our engineering team, currently comprising ~10 full-time individual contributors, is resourceful, curious, thoughtful, and hard-working. We’ve made amazing progress and have seen stellar growth in a short period of time, and now seek an experienced engineering manager to help structure our team and propel us forward.

You can learn more about our mission, culture, and background on the main Careers Page.

Role description

  • You will make payments more reliable, reduce transaction costs for everyone, and help small businesses create more jobs.
  • You will drive the roadmap and priorities of our engineering organization, leading a team of ~8-10 engineers.
  • You will direct the architecture and implementation of new software systems, and the evolution of our existing systems.
  • You will recruit great engineers in collaboration with AtoB’s recruiting team.
  • You will develop engineers on the team, helping them advance in their careers.

The team you’ll work with

We include:

  • A computational music theory enthusiast who built a system to eliminate over a year of developer-time in customer onboarding processes.
  • A devoted mom to two guinea pigs who, when she was 16, built a product that was featured on the Apple App Store and then acquired.
  • A former Tinder ML engineer who built a collaborative filtering pipeline to produce weekly personalized recommendations for all Tinder users — and who was captain and shooting guard of the Caltech basketball team.
  • A life-long bowler (eight perfect games!) who built a record filtering system that, with a single line, could add filters to any given model (with immediate availability on the frontend UI).
  • The founder of a drone-based, real-time thermal imaging platform for wildfire mitigation operations as well as one of the first coworking spaces in the Southern Sierra Nevadas.
  • An aspiring game developer and MMA fighter (keyword: aspiring) who, in our early days, stood up a demo API from scratch for a next-day customer call.
  • A former autonomous vehicles engineer who also helped build the lightest planetary rover with NASA.

Preferred background

  • You have 2+ years of experience as an Engineering Manager.
  • You have 4+ years of software engineering experience as an individual contributor.
  • You have strong experience in Python or Ruby.
  • You have experience managing teams through times of high-growth, acting as a trusted leader and confident mentor.
  • You thrive on a high level of autonomy and responsibility.
  • You encourage a healthy work environment that’s both supportive and challenging.

Offer details

  • Salary is negotiable.
  • We offer competitive stock options that can lead to life changing outcomes.
  • We offer competitive and comprehensive benefits along with unlimited PTO and 401(K) match.
  • We are a remote-first company, though we are open to US and Canada work visa sponsorship.

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