Business Operations Associate/Manager/Sr. Manager

Business Operations Associate/Manager/Sr. Manager

Our BizOps team comprises analytical generalists who spend every day solving AtoB's operational problems. We identify bottlenecks, generate hypotheses, test solutions, and scale.

At AtoB, BizOps is...

  • Metric-driven. At any given time, there's a lot we could work on. We prioritize — sometimes ruthlessly — around north star metrics, deciding which particular problem to tackle each month (or even week) depending on the scale of the issue.
  • Scrappy. We often need patches for problems faster than our engineering team can build sustainable solutions. BizOps holds down the fort, prototyping and iterating on fixes before a mature solution is possible.
  • Strategic, with a huge bias towards operational execution. Once we identify and quantify the problem, we don't craft recommendations and delegate them to the appropriate vertical manager. We own the implementation ourselves.
  • Collaborative. You can expect to work with colleagues on sales, engineering, customer success, or risk. Thoughtful communication is key — especially when trying to generate buy-in for a new process or policy (across a distributed team, at that!).

What we work on

We can't guarantee what particular problem you'll work on when you join (it depends on both our needs + your particular strengths), but some problems we've tackled thus far include:

  • Determining vertical-specific KPIs
  • Addressing leaks in our funnel, pre- and post-sales
  • Building a process playbook and developing policies for our underwriting team
  • Developing sales enablement materials + ensuring their adoption
  • Creating a bonus structure for our commissions-based teams
  • Running experiments to increase our growth or revenue
  • Conducting interviews with customers to inform product decisions (and then working with the engineering team to implement)
  • Managing org-wide adoption of new software as we scale and develop the need for new tools

Your background

  • Experience at a high-growth startup, in the transport/logistics industry, or in a heavily analytical role is a plus
  • We are open to different experience levels for this role; your exact responsibilities and scope will match the experience you bring to the table
  • Required: Proficiency in data analysis (SQL, Python, or R); we mostly use PostgreSQL

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